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Z-Series...First In Design

The unique Z Series design gives you features that incorporate economical operation and ownership with proven energy saving principles, while operating in a clean, quiet environment. Quality materials and workmanship include improved grain entry system at the top of the dryer, which gives the operator more control of variable products and conditions. Heavy inner roof and support along with improved inside and outside platforms, ladders and cages are standard Zimmerman features.

The drying section is covered with 304-grade stainless steel smooth sheeting. The Zimmerman designed perforations are properly calculated to retain particulate matter in combination with high volumes of air and low exit velocities. This allows for dust particles leaving the dryer to be well below that permitted by most state pollution agencies. Zimmerman dryers are designed with maximum economical operation in mind. All heated air must pass through grain before being exhausted. There are more square feet of exhaust area (grain column wall) exposed to outside natural air currents than with other dryers, giving each cubic foot of air time to absorb and remove moisture. The dryer has large holding capacity which lends itself to long retention time. This gives you higher quality dried grain at a lower drying cost. The Zimmerman dryer is designed to dry and cool its rated capacity or more when operating the dryer at 200°F, depending on the conditions of the various commodity. Also the dryers feature low H.P. requirements due to low static pressure and R.P.M.'s of the oversized centrifugal blowers.

The Zimmerman grain exchangers are located at approximately the mid-point of the drying section, encircled by solid exterior sheets. The exchangers transfer the grain from the inside half of the grain column to the outside, and the outside half to the inside. This transfer of grain equalizes the moisture content which keeps the inside grain from being over dried and the outside under dried, thus, better quality of grain and increased drying capacity.

The cooling section of the Zimmerman dryer comprises about 25% of the total area. It is here that the grain is cooled as it moves slowly down the drying column. the cooling air moving from the outside through the grain is prewarmed in the process, resulting in dramatic energy savings. After being blended with "free" air drawn through newly designed louvered doors in the grain column, the air is picked up by the blowers and passes through an NP Maxon High Efficiency Burner with individually engineered burner profiling to assure optimum uniformity of the heated air into the plenum. From there the Zimmerman design assures you of a high volume of air at low exit velocities through the drying column. The cooling section is separated from the drying section by the Zimmerman designed divider hopper with walk-in catwalk. Any particulate matter that might settle at this point is drawn into the cooling section. Here the light dust is drawn and forced through the burner where it is consumed. The heavier particles fall safely to the floor of the cooling section. No particulate matter leaves the dryer after it reaches the cooling zone. The Zimmerman dryer is designed to cool the grain within 5° of the ambient temperature.

The unloading section is located directly below the cooling section and separated by an airtight floor. The outside wall of the unloading section is also airtight. No dust particles leave the dryer from this section. The unloading system operates under a zero static pressure. There is less tendency for dust-laden air to escape from the unloading equipment or from the dry leg.

Heavy channels go from the bottom of the dryer to the roof section. These channels support both the inside and outside wall sheets. These channels also divide the dryer into an optimum number of sections to assure proper rigidity of the smooth sidewall. Zimmerman's exterior smooth sidewall design retains the particulate within the drying column. Below each section is a slide gate. In case of emergency, one or more sections can be unloaded by gravity without disturbing other sections. The standard AC motor that operates the unloading system is located beneath and outside the dryer in a clean and dry atmosphere. All moving parts are inside the dryer and surrounded by a column of grain. Blowers are centrifugal and can scarcely be heard. All moving parts are easily accessible. Motors have a constant flow of cool air passing over them through the free air openings.

Operations of the dryer are now performed with a state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This provides not only a complete safety monitoring and trouble-shooting menu but performs system verification and operator prompts during start-up and operation. Zimmerman PLC controls reduce timers, switches, and mechanics while providing built in expandability and flexibility to meet your changing operational and drying needs.


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